Common Questions

Who can receive breakdowns?

Licensed talent agencies receive Breakdowns throughout North America. Personal Managers in Los Angeles and New York can also subscribe to Breakdown Services. In order to insure the utmost professional service to the entertainment community, all talent representatives must provide specific information about their company before being approved to receive Breakdowns.

Can actors get breakdowns?

Actors can get Breakdowns through Actors Accesssm only. Casting directors determine who can receive their projects. If a casting director wants submissions from talent representatives in New York, only talent representatives in New York can view and submit on that project. If a casting director is willing to accept submissions from actors, they instruct Breakdown Services to release the Breakdown on Actors Accesssm.

What type of services can talent representatives receive?

Licensed talent agencies and personal managers can receive our Theatrical Service which includes television, feature films, theatre and other projects including commercials, student films, non-union projects, director's reels and many other types of projects that require actors. Commercial Express is our exclusive Commercial service. At the direction of casting, Commercial Breakdown can be released to licensed talent agencies only.